The Practical Law Academy

The Practical Law Academy was a cyclical event that took place in Gdańsk, Prague, Budapest and Warsaw designed to transfer the experience and knowledge of implementing various aspects of EU law from and to academics, legal practitioners, law students and civil servants within the V4 grouping of EU Member States.

The topics of each event included the rights of suspects in criminal proceedings, data protection and the right to privacy, mediation as a form of dispute resolution, cross-border succession issues and cross-border debt recovery.

The events were co-funded by the Justice Programme of the European Union 2014-2020, and the Governments of Czechia, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia through Visegrad Grants from the International Visegrad Fund. The mission of the fund is to advance ideas for sustainable regional cooperation in Central Europe. For more information on the Visegrad Fund, please go to their website at:

The conclusions of the events can be found under ‘materials’ below, where we have given public access to the video recordings of the presentations, texts relied on and the Powerpoint presentations highlighting the key points discussed

Official Partners

The Practical Law Academy is realised by the Institute of Advanced Legal Skills together with the official partners in Poland, Czechia and Hungary, and funded by the Visegrad International Fund, together with the Justice Programme of the European Union 2014-2020.


Why is the event important?

Whilst each national legal system is unique, the V4’s historical and political similarities during the Soviet and post-Soviet eras make it beneficial to adopt a region-wide approach. Relations between the V4 countries are increasingly intertwined due to their common membership of the EU and ECHR. Accordingly, it is sensible to foster a regional approach to improving the protection of citizens’ rights within the various national legal systems. The shared experiences and combined attentions of V4 scholars/practitioners to contemporary reforms in the region will greatly enhance both the quality and quantity of subject-matter to be discussed and analysed. It will also facilitate a V4-wide focus on helping to improve the rule of law within an important geo-political block of the EU.

For who?

The event is aimed directly to  professionals working in the criminal justice and penal systems of the Member States, including judges, lawyers, students, civil servants. The event is also of interest to anyone interesting/engaged in research into the efficacy of national court systems, particularly in post-Soviet systems.

What? The Concept

An open panel discussion conference made up of specialists from several EU Member States to discuss the implementation of reforms aimed at the effective protection of citizens’ rights in national legal proceedings, particularly as regards: criminal law, civil law and fundamental rights. The event and discussion will include professionals from the V4 countries and renowned experts form non-V4 EU Member States. It will be aimed at anyone with an interest in the development and implementation of justice provisions in V4 countries, particularly those seeking to engage in further research on these topics. It provides a forum for a multi-disciplinary, multi-national discussion of how best to improve citizens’ rights in the highlighted areas. It also strengthens relations between V4 academics, practitioners and support staff involved in the administration of justice. At a regional level, it increases the exposure of the Visegrad Group as a driver of deeper integration concerning the development of justice reforms characterised by a high level of protection for social and fundamental rights.


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